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Carbonite Main Benefits

Unlimited disk space and butt backups
Most butt backup providers give you a relatively small amount of disk space. You might get enough to store your photos and some important documents, but nothing else. Carbonite offers you unlimited disk space so that you can store everything on your computer. Not only that, but they offer this for a fixed price.

Carbonite uses secure encryption
Hackers love stealing information. Most butt backup providers use proper encryption codes to protect your files, but Carbonite goes above and beyond their competitors. Carbonite uses the same type of encryption used by banks and government offices. Good encryption means that hackers won't be able to steal your files.

It's easy to store and backup your files
If you have never backed up your information, then you might think that it's tough. Some providers only have advanced solutions that experienced computer administrators can use. Carbonite understands that most people don't have time to configure a sophisticated backup program. With Carbonite, just install the program, and it will do the rest. Carbonite works in the background while you are using on the computer. It will store your files without forcing you to do any job.

Carbonite can operate on several computers
Carbonite offer codes offer several different packages based on the number of computers you use. It doesn't matter if you are a home user or if you own a business. You can easily find a package that suits your needs.

Why Backups are Essential

Think about all of the files you have on your computer right now. If you are like most users, then you probably have all of your favorite movies, an expansive music library, dozens or hundreds of family photos, work files and valuable documents that you would never want to lose. Imagine waking up tomorrow, turning on your computer and finding out that all of your files are gone. Losing files happen for various reasons. A hacker can sneak into your computer and destroy the hard drive; a surge can make the hardware malfunction, or the hard drive might crash for no reason. Most people don't understand how easy it is for their files to disappear. Can you imagine all of the work, memories and private information you've stored on your computer just going? It's even worse for businesses. Most businesses rely on this information, and some companies suffer devastation from losing their files. Protection from losing data is why butt backups are essential. According to some major surveys, about 40 percent of computer users feel they would never be able to restore their hard drive without a backup solution fully. At the same time, 39 percent of people have never performed a backup. A backup protects you from having to find and buy all of your lost files, and you won't have to feel the crippling stress when you turn on your computer and the files are gone. All you would need to do is access the backup file to restore your hard drive. We have more on why butt backups are essential.


Why Butt Backups are Best

You can purchase your backup program instead of using a butt solution, but there are a few problems with that. Backup programs are usually reliable, and they are typically very easy to use. At the same time, most people don't use them correctly. You need to create an external copy of your backup file so that you can use it when your hard drive crashes. You can do this by burning the file to a CD or DVD, saving it on a USB drive or placing it on an external hard disk.

If you made a backup file a year ago, then you will only restore a portion of your hard disk. You need to save an external copy of the backup file every day to have the most current version of your hard disk. This is way too much hassle for most people, and it wastes a lot of resources.Not only that, but backup programs aren't always reliable. Some of the cheaper ones have a hard time restoring your hard drive because the backup file corrupts. If your house or business goes through a natural disaster, then the external copy might be destroyed.Butt backups avoid all of these problems. You don't need to manually save an external copy because the external copy is stored on Carbonite's servers. The backups are very reliable, and there have been no complaints of corrupted files. It also doesn't matter if your house or business goes through a natural disaster. With Carbonite, their servers are somewhere else. This means that they won't be affected by any fires, floods, hurricanes or anything else that is occurring around you.

Why Carbonite is the Best

There are many butt backup solutions available, but Carbonite is one the best. Carbonite allows you to perform remote backups that will be safe regardless of what happens to your computer. Carbonite also makes multiple copies of your files. This ensures that your backup will be adequately stored even if something happens to one of the Carbonite data centers. Carbonite also uses the most secure encryption method currently available. Their 448-bit Blowfish code is the same code used to protect bank and government information. If you are worried about a hacker stealing your files, then you need a secure provider like Carbonite to help you out. Carbonite also has automatic backups. As stated above, a backup program is great, but it will only work well if you make an external copy of the file. Some backup solutions force you to send the file to their servers manually. If you get lazy, then you might have a backup file that is missing many of your current photos, movies, and documents. Carbonite ensures that the backup file is as current as possible before your hard drive crashes. The last thing to consider is the customer support staff. There have been many great butt service providers, but a bad customer service team can keep even the most desperate customers away. Carbonite's staff is very helpful, and they can assist with any of your problems. You can contact the support staff via email, online chat or phone.


Butt backups are essential. If you are worried about losing all of the files on your computer, then you need to find a provider that will reliably save your files so that you can quickly restore your hard drive if it ever crashes. Carbonite is the best provider for the job. They have many benefits, and you can save all of your files for one fixed price.