Carbonite Vs Crashplan Vs Mozy

Services like Carbonite have invaded your television, promising you the backup protection you need when your computer crashes or your hard drive fails. Of course, Carbonite isn't the only product available. Mozy and CrashPlan offer similar services to consumers just like yourself. Which service is the one you should use? Read on to find out.

For starters, all of these companies offer tiered plans. Essentially, the more you pay, the more options you get. Check out this blog post for more information on Online Backups.

Carbonite's plans are as follows:

  • Home for $59 per year
  • HomePlus for $99 yearly
  • HomePremier for $149 a year
  • Business starting at $229 per year
  • BusinessPremier for $599 annually

All of Carbonite's plans include automatic online backup and the ability to recover any files saved to Carbonite's servers. HomePlus gives you the added benefit of backing up files from an external hard drive to the Internet, not just your computer. Premier customers also have access to a video backup service and file recovery via courier. This is ideal if you have no Internet access at all. All of these plans offer unlimited space for a single computer.

Business users have two options from Carbonite. Both offer a browser-based dashboard for recovery, video backup, installation to business computers and unlimited support for computers and servers. The Business plan offers 250 gigabytes of space to unlimited computers. Upgrading provides you with 500 gigabytes of backup space.

In comparison, CrashPlan has a free backup service for individual users with unlimited computers. The free plan is ad-supported and doesn't allow for real-time backup or Web restoring. However, it's ideal for someone who needs just a little bit of protection.

CrashPlan+ comes with 10 gigabytes of space for $24.99 per year. It has none of the limitations of the free plan but only works on a single machine. For $49.99 per year you get unlimited storage for a single computer. If you have multiple PCs, CrashPlan+
Family Unlimited lets you store data from up to ten computers with unlimited online storage. All of CrashPlan's paid plans include file encryption, telephone support and tampering detection.

Mozy caters to a wide range of consumers. If you're the IT guy for a large business or enterprise, you can contact the company for custom solutions. Of course, Mozy's individual plans are comprehensive, too. Starting at $5.99 per month, these plans offer an impressive 50 gigabytes of space for a single computer's backups. $9.99 per month more than doubles the allotted space and works with three computers. You get automatic backup with every plan, redundant backups in Mozy's facilities and can restore via multiple methods. A Web dashboard, iOS and Android apps extend usefulness for a variety of users.

MozyPro business plans, of which there are six, start at $9.99 per month per computer for ten gigabytes of space. A 100-gigabyte-per-computer plan costs $39.99 per machine. Mozy even has a staggering one terabyte plan at $379.99 monthly for each computer. Business plans are compatible with Mac and Windows as well as network-connected storage. You'll get 24/7 technical support, a customized domain and personalized file encryption.

How do these services compare against each other? Carbonite is definitely the best-known name on this list. However, the prices are higher than the competition and the space limit restricting. CrashPlan is ideal for those who want to spend the least amount of money. If you're okay with ads and don't need real-time backups, you can set up your whole family without spending a dime. Mozy offers secure solutions for enterprises and the mobile apps are especially useful.