The Cost of Do-It-Yourself Backup vs Online Backup

Data backup is imperative for businesses of all sizes. Properly backing up programs, documents and media is the only way to keep files secure. There are two kinds of backup services that small businesses can use; those services are do-it-yourself backup and online backup. Each method uses different storage hosting devices and servers to backup data. Some companies opt for do-it-yourself backup because these seems to be the less expensive option. Unfortunately, there are risks to do-it-yourself backup procedures. Backing up data and programs to an external drive can still pose a risk of loss. Backing up files on the internal hard drive of a computer poses even greater risks for loss. Between viruses and computer failure, do-it-yourself backup is risky. This is why more businesses are choosing to use online backup services, even if they do cost a certain fee.

Online backup services provided a 100 percent guarantee that all data is safe. Online backup uses cloud hosting services. This allows users to upload and share data, programs, media and more. This data is secure against computer failure because it is stored safely on the Internet. Online backup service providers offer packages that allow different amounts of storage for different prices. This storage is typically measured in gigabytes and megabytes.

It is normal for businesses to want to reduce expenses, but paying for online backup services can be more cost effective in the long run. If a computer crashes or is compromised, tons of valuable data can be lost. With Internet hosted backup services, the data is always secure. This is a small price to pay for securing important business files, programs and more.